Let there be light

Together with your help, we will bring light

Vertigo is committed to helping relieve the tension and anxiety in which we are all immersed:

  • Providing shelter and support at the Eco-Art Village for artists and volunteer teams.
  • Vertigo’s dance team and the workshop offer stress-relief sessions for displaced families, individuals with diverse physical abilities, and veterans.
  • Singing and movement therapy circles for face-to-face connections, self-expression, and mutual support.
  • Equipping dance teams nationwide as a means to cope with trauma.
  • Free performances and workshops at Vertigo’s centers in Jerusalem and the Eco-Art Village.
  • Zoom sessions led by Noa Wertheim, featuring relief movement sessions and online engagement, presenting Vertigo’s repertoire.
  • Free online open Vertigo performances.

Together, we will strengthen and move towards better days.