International Master Class

Vertigo Dance Company welcome Dancers

spring 30.3.20-2.4.20 – The Masterclass date is postponed until further notice. 

.Audition for the Vertigo Dance Company is postponed until further notice. 

 A rare opportunity to learn from dance masters and co-creators, choreographer and artistic director Noa Wertheim and her sister, assistant choreographer Rina Wertheim-Koren in this challenging and inspiring 4-day workshop introducing the building blocks of the Vertigo dance language and Vertigo dance repertoire.

You are invited to enjoy the unique language of vertigo and the beauty of nature

Movement is the essence of life, the ability to change, develop and grow

From elements to the complex, experience and practice dance techniques as well as body & mind disciplines incorporating Classical Ballet and Release standards that converse with Contact Improvisation and Eastern Martial Arts such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong, complemented by a glance towards the inspirational Jewish and spiritual philosophies.

Language: English

Accommodation: On-site shared sleeping area with mattresses provided

For more information and registration you are welcome to contact us at +972-2-9900235 or [email protected]

Further exploring the link between Art and Earth the Vertigo Eco Art Village offers accessible accommodation and educational facilities in a working sustainable environment, allowing for the exploration of creative horizons, social interest and environmental consciousness.

Vertigo master class is postponed until further notice. 

Audition for the Vertigo Dance Company is postponed until further notice


Fee for participation:1900 NIS | 530$ | 470 €
Fee for meals: 550 NIS

For registration: please send Resume + Headshot to [email protected].
Please specify your full name, age, and origin.
If possible, please share with us where have you heard about Vertigo MasterClass.
Once your participation is approved, we will send you a confirmation by mail and complete the registration.