The next audition for the Vertigo Dance Company will be held on April 3. 2020.

The audition will be held in Vertigo Eco-Art Village in Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed Hei, Israel.

The Audition will start with a class, and continue with repertoire and improvisation.
No need to prepare a solo.

The studio will be open for dancers from 08:30 am
The audition will start at 09:30 am

Candidacy Criteria:
*Not less than 20 years of age
*At least two years of experience on a professional stage

For registration, please send your CV and picture. (please mention inside the message body, your full name, age, and origin) to: [email protected]
After receiving your application, we will send a confirmation by email to confirm your participation.

Please bring along with you on the day of audition 50 NIS for participation.
(make sure you have the exact amount in cash)

How to get to Vertigo eco-art village

For more info or questions please contact us at [email protected] | 02-9900235