(VIDP) Vertigo International Dance Program

VIDP Vision and Objectives

Acknowledging the need of young dance artists for experiential guidance and guided experience, we aim to foster the essential passage from being a student to becoming a dancer. VIDP professional faculty and extensive curriculum is focused on cultivating individual talents and abilities, introduction to a wide range of dance approaches, providing ongoing support and accompanying students on their maturing process as dancers.


VIDP Unique Attributes

VIDP seeks to implement the Vertigo Dance Company’s practice routine allowing students to experience with various dance and movement methods incorporated in the Vertigo dance language including Release, Classical Ballet and Contact Improvisation. VIDP curriculum, both comprehensive and challenging, offers individual mentoring while setting and maintaining the highest artistic and professional standards.

Teacher and Artistic Director – Keren Horesh-Begun

Teacher and rehearsal director – Ilan Kav

Sigal Roth – coordinator of the workshop


VIDP Background

Established in 2012, VIDP offers young dance talents from Israel and around the world the opportunity to further explore their potential and hone their skills. VIDP operates alongside VDC Prep-Workshop (established in 2002) at the Vertigo School of Dance (established in 1998) in Jerusalem and at the Vertigo Eco-Art Village (established in 2007) in Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed-Heh.


VIDP Graduates

Vertigo’s Dancers training program  a Bi  -Annual program ,  qualifying  dancers to integrate within the professional dance world. Male dancers – age 18-28 , female dancers age 18-27 with a dance background, coming from Israel and from around the world are entitle to participate within the recognized program,by the Ministry of Culture & Sports.The Vertigo graduates students found their way within the independence dance scene around the Globe. Soldiers released grant can be used as part of the training  tuition. VIDP graduates are accomplished contemporary dancers who have mastered the tools of the trade and are well equipped to further pursue their professional career. Primarily we aim to groom our students to become professional dancers in leading dance companies such as the Vertigo Dance Company. In addition, VIDP graduates are adequately prepared to seek further education at prominent dance academies, and to collaborate and work on fringe productions and as dance instructors. We always encourage our graduates to continue exploring their own path in dance throughout their professional and community life.


VIDP Curriculum

Five days a week, seven hours a day

A comprehensive training program for dancers that includes: a selection of classes and workshops; an introduction to various repertoires including the Vertigo dance language and repertoire as developed by choreographer Noa Wertheim; on-stage practical experience with 4 annual Bazir performances and 3 annual studio performances; as well as various creative projects at different locations in Jerusalem and at the Vertigo Eco-Art Village in Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed-Heh


VIDP program 2022/23

  1st semester from Sep. 2023 to end of January 2024

2nd semester from February, 2024, to end of June  2024


Conditions for cancellation / termination of studies

  Registration fees of 300$ will not be refunded in any case

  Cancellation of participation up to 45 days from the start of studies – 75% refund of the tuition fee (from the balance after deduction of 100% registration fee)

 Cancellation of participation from the 46 day from the beginning- There will be no refund


  * We would like  to bring to  your attention that the visa process and procedure is your responsibility,

we can only assist with some of the applications