One. One & One


This new original dance piece by choreographer Noa Wertheim revolves around the individual’s inner wish to be whole whilest being challenged constantly by a fragmented reality within the personal, existential and spiritual realms of ones being.

One, One & One reflects both the internal and external worlds whilst paying attention to the echo as reflected from different perspectives the piece develops the metaphoric relationship between far and near and self and the other.


Choreographer: Noa Wertheim

‏Co-Choreographer: Rina Wertheim-Koren

‏Dancers: Tamar Barlev, Yotam baruch, Jeremy Alberge, Liel Fibak, Sándor Petrovics, Nitzan Moshe, Shani Licht, Etai Peri, Daniel Costa, Hagar Shachal

‏Music: Avi Belleli

‏Musicians: Viola and Vocals Galia Hai, Oud Eliahu Dagmi,

Vocals Ilai Belleli

‏Costume Design: Sasson Kedem

‏Stage Design: Roy Vatury

‏Lighting Design: Dani Fishof – Magenta

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