Leela” means in Sanskrit a divine play, an existence in which humans are mere pawns. Inspired by the fall from heaven, the creation “Leelatakes place in the space between illusive reality and God’s cosmic play

Choreographer | Noa Wertheim

‏Assistant choreographer | Rina Wertheim-Koren

‏Music | Ran Bagno

Stage Design | Ram Katzir

Costume Design | Sasson Kedem

‏Lighting Design | Dani Fishof – Magenta

Company manager | Sandra Brown 

Stage and tour manager | Reut Shaibe

Arina Baron | Producer

Dancers | Shani Licht, Etai Peri, Sian Olles, Hagar Shachal, Yotam Baruch, Daniel Costa

Korina Friman, Sándor Petrovics, Liel Fibak, Shachar Dolinski

Technical Manager | Dani Fishof  – Magenta    Sound | Orgad Marciano    Lighting | Jake Sliv

Stage | Ayam Dromi, Ziv Zvuluni     Set manufacturing | Yigal Gini

‏Art Director | Dorit Talpaz     Stills Photography | Ascaf, Ram Katzir, Elad Debi, Eli Katz

‏Director & Cinematographer | Elad Debi     ‏Video Editing | Gal Katzir


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