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Created for the Vertigo Dance Company, Power of Balance | premiere ISRAEL FESTIVAL 2020

Nine dancers, multiple physical abilities, encountering a stage that provides grounding for expressing their capabilities, their needs, their experiences. The artistic process is based on a common understanding by the group of dancers – to tell the truth. This comes about through moments of stability and instability, of risk-taking, of tension and extreme relations, of reality and imagination, of support, loneliness, vulnerability, and love – in a space that evolves from separate bodies and their personal stories to the creation of one body, a connected human tissue that is soft and comforting. 



Choreographer | Sharon Fridman

Artistic Consultant | Noa Wertheim

  | Dancers co-creative

Inbal Aloni, Tomer Navot, Itamar Shnap, Nili Broyer, Noam Ben Israel, Shira Ben Uriel, Amir Ishar

Itamar Beck, Shmuel Dvir Cohen

Original Music | Noam Helfer

Costume Design | Inbal Ben Zaken – Mizo

Light & Stage Design | Sharon Fridman / Dani Fishof – Magenta


Power of Balance Co-Managers | Tali Wertheim And Hai Cohen

Production Manager | Tamar Mayzlish

Power of Balance Producer  | Michal Goldfield-Sadot