Shape On Us *

Created for the Vertigo Dance Company, Power of Balance | premiere ISRAEL FESTIVAL 2020

Returning to the stage for one performance in Israel before a tour in Hong Kong

Breaking away from the aids that serve some of the performers in everyday life and focusing on each participant’s physical abilities, a living organism takes shape in the encounter between unique bodies. Looking for the possible choreographies entailed in this encounter, Fridman challenges taboos of looking at the different body, tracing the delicate physical systems that transform involuntary movement into a deliberate one and questioning the perception of what is considered natural or abnormal.

A touching work that puts different bodies center stage, weaving a beautiful and delicate tapestry that re-examines social conventions and truisms surrounding the dancing body.


Choreographer | Sharon Fridman

Artistic Consultant | Noa Wertheim

Artistic Director | Rina Wertheim Koren

  | Dancers co-creative

Inbal Aloni, Tomer Navot, Noam Ben Israel, Shira Ben Uriel, Amir Ishar

Itamar Beck, Shmuel Dvir Cohen, Ido Barak

Original Music | Noam Helfer

Costume Design | Inbal Ben Zaken – Mizo

Light & Stage Design | Sharon Fridman / Dani Fishof – Magenta


Power of Balance Co-Managers | Tali Wertheim And Hai Cohen

Power of Balance Producer  | Michal Goldfield-Sadot

Production Manager | Tamar Mayzlish

International Communications | Katherina Vasiliadis