Premiere in Israel/Germany  2013

HOMEZONE (50 min).

Israel/Germany co-production (DIN A 13 Dance Company)

How does one react when the familiar environment changes and it doesn’t seem safe anymore? How fragile does the own existence appear to be? How much creative energy and which unsuspected forces are set free, when what is known turns suddenly into a threat and daily grind becomes a challenge?

Five Israeli dancers: three women and two men with different physicality’s Five people born into a time and a land in which daily grind can lead through hidden corners into unpredictable ends, in which familiar structures can become threatening and danger turn into a thrill.

The third station oft he project UPHEAVAL takes place in Israel, a land which is, since its independence, in constant change, unrest and danger…

Choreography Gerda König

Choreographic Assistance Marc Stuhlmann

Dancers  Hai Cohen, Ron Cohen, Lior Amihai, Tali Wertheim, Michal Zvulun

Video Daniel Landau

Music Nimrod Gorovich

Costumes Rosie Canaan

Light Gerda König, Magenta

Production Direction Gustavo Fijalkow

Based on the concept UPHEAVAL by Gerda König and Gustavo Fijalkow