About us

The Vertigo Eco Art Village was founded in 2007 by a community of Artists who wished to live, create, explore and connect their Art to the earth and the environment.  The Vertigo Eco-Art Village is a practical learning center aiming to generate social change and establish an alternative model of sustainable living through comprehensive art and environment educational programs for the public.

The Village hast two main objectives: One being, to promote Eco thinking, awareness and social involvement grounded in our mutual responsibility to the earth and the environment. The village was designed and operates with the goal of minimizing the damage inflicted on the environment by mankind.

The second being, to promote creativity, inspiration and artistic expression through movement workshops, retreats, professional dance intensive programs, performances and festivals. Connecting art, dance and environmental awareness to spiritual growth and social change.

The Vertigo Eco Art Village is situated in Kibbutz Nativ Halamed- Heh amidst the scenic Emek Ha’ela valley (50 min from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem).


Our Team

Danny Goldenberg Manager of the Vertigo Eco-Art

Tati Morag    Assistant Manager

Noa Mendel  Administrative Coordinator

Tomer Goldenberg

contact Vertigo office at : Tel: 02-9900235 | [email protected] | [email protected] | Telfax 02-9900236

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