The 4 Sisters Workshop

Celebrating sisterhood through an inspiring work session incorporating body and soul, earth and wind, as reflected by each sister’s personal and professional language.

Observing the body as a container and a mirror, the soul as a raw material, earth as a memory that lingers, as well as relationships and space.

This is a story about a very special mother and a family that has grown to be a small tribe. How constraints serve to empower, igniting creativity and leading to achievement.  The story of sisterhood and a private space, similarities and differences, and the common journey of vision and action that has become a life project.

A meeting with the 4 sisters to the Wertheim family who followed their dreams and together with their families continue to develop the Vertigo Eco-Art village in Kibbutz Netiv Halamed-Heh in the rural Ellah Valley, constantly redefining a private sense in the proximity and a limit to the infinite.


Noa Wertheim, choreographer and artistic director of the Vertigo Dance Company incorporating the unique Vertigo dance language developed by her over the years to motivate you to explore the body as a source of expression and creativity.

Tali Wertheim- Agreniuk, co-director of the Power of Balance Integrated Dance Center who specializes in mixed ability dance leading you to experience a non-judgmental encounter of mutual trust through contact improvisation.

Merav Goldenberg, therapist and teacher of Amia therapy, Bach flower remedies and Vortex healing and a spiritual guide offering a guided session of meditation focused on identification, precision and expansion of the inner vessel of love, attentiveness and presence.

Rina Wertheim-Koren, assistant choreographer, dancer and dance teacher guides you to explore the mental map of the body, identifying habits that reflect existing patterns aiming to allow some space for renewal.