Movement Workshops

Movement is the essence of life, the ability to change, develop and grow


Meeting through the Body Workshop

Movement is a natural essential element of life affecting our body and soul.

This workshop offers an opportunity to refine the ability of expression and communication with our self and with partners incorporating attentiveness, observation and contact experiencing interaction through the body. Together we explore and learn how to connect with our senses, presence, confidence, freedom and the creation of a flowing movement.

Tailor made to the specifications of each participating group this workshop serves to promote team spirit while enjoying a recreational fun experience. No previous experience necessary.

Length: 90 minutes

IMI (i.e.: Within Me) – Mind-Body Exploration Workshop with Rina Wertheim-Koren

The body as the map of the soul.

Like the ongoing change of seasons our body manifests the constant change we experience, telling our story without words.

Obtaining tools to release old patterns, enhancing our capabilities while maintaining a sense of security and comfort throughout the body, this workshop directs us to use the body as a compass to guide us through life, through each moment and phase.

Length: 60 minutes